Giedrė Avellino, CYT

Giedrė began yoga as asana practice in 2007 as to care for an out-of-balance body. She is so grateful for the teacher training that opened the whole new way of a physical and spiritual practice and philosophy to live by. Certified to teach by Virginia Williamson and Inga Balciuniene through Florida Yoga Academy in 2014 Giedrė began her yoga teacher’s path.

In her personal practice and teachings, Giedrė follows Sri T. Krishanamacharya’s tradition and teaching authentic yoga style. Giedrė is continuing her studies under Inga Balciuniene and with recommended yoga teachers through their teachings in print and other modern sources.

Teaching yoga gives infinite inspirations, where the lifelong search for a purpose, for many, begins on the mat as a physical practice. It is a gift to know, that the step on the mat is the beginning of so many discoveries, hidden and suppressed beneath one’s layers, that starts to peel off with the yoga tools use, and the practice of yoga is carried in life on and off the mat.

Giedrė will guide through the class with care, by teaching proper breathing techniques, meditation and poses, modifying them and the flow for the student’s level needs. As beautifully said “Yoga is about the inner changes and awareness”, the practice is a time to put everything else on hold and connect to one’s inner being, and it’s never too late to start.

Giedrė lives in Florida since 1998. Even though she considers herself local, her Lithuanian accent will give out that this beautiful land is a new home, where she lives with her family. Teaching little ones gives such a profound joy in the heart! She is very delighted to teach Kids Yoga, knowing that the yoga benefits are life-changing for the children growth and the future of the Earth.