Therapy Yoga


Yoga Therapy can restore the physical (musculoskeletal), physiological (digestion, respiration, cardiovascular, endocrine, and immune), and mental/emotional systems. Apart from reducing pain and suffering it can also contribute to positive stress coping strategies.



Yoga Therapy is a holistic and integrative approach to provide a complementary process of Health Care. At the Yoga Therapy sessions each person is thought individually and with the focus on dealing with the cause rather than the symptoms of the problems. Medical Yoga Therapy does not stop with just curing physical illness but extends holistic healing to those seeking relief from any problem – be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Yoga Therapy is based on the laws of the nature so it is totally harmless and natural way of healing.

A wide range of tools which include Asana (Physical posture) , Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation (Mind practice) and other means prescribed by Yoga Therapist will be utilized to design unique practices for every medical  Yoga Therapy Student. The practice is developed considering the nature of the problem, the capacity of the individual and other vital parameters such as age, occupation, responsibilities in life, energy level etc.

With  Yoga Therapy you can  manage high blood pressure, cope with the effects of cancer treatments, diabetes, asthma, allergy, gastric disorders, depression or anxiety and many other illnesses. Lately it’s become especially popular for musculoskeletal issues like lower and upper back pain, sciatica, and shoulder, neck and hip pain. Yoga works only personally one to one”-  Krichamacharia Yoga Madiram Institute in Chennai, India


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