200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
September 6-October 14, 2024

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training description:

Yoga Teacher Training is held in the authentic tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. During training you will not only explore Yoga History, Yoga Philosophy, Subtle Anatomy, a variety of Yoga tools and their practical application, but you will be guided through a personal growth and transformational process. Yoga is experiential learning and if you want to be a great yoga teacher, it is necessary to experience the power and benefits of yoga tools.

Our goal is that after training you will acknowledge your weaknesses and your strengths, which will lead you to teaching your students from the depth of your heart.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity learn Yoga from the best Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists at Florida Yoga Academy!


Yoga Alliance Certified

Theory classes will be held live on Zoom ( no pre-recorded classes)

Mentorship/ Practice of teaching  In-Person ( at the studio)

Inga Balciuniene

Program director
Spiritual Healer and Empath, Yoga Instructor E- RYT 500, Yoga Therapist C- IAYT, Vedic Chanting Teacher


Tuition $250 registration fee plus $2,850 for 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. 

All paid fees are non- refundable

Structure of Training:

200 hr training is divided in three equal levels, which you can take at once or at your own comfort level. You can start your Yoga studies with any level, because each level contains different subjects and topics. Three levels of Yoga Teacher Training will meet the 200 hour of Alliance requirements.

Each training level consists of contact hours and non-contact hours. Additional contact hours are earned through the Observation and Assisting opportunities, being Mentored and by attending ongoing classes and continuing education workshops.

Non-contact hours consist of homework, self-study, self-practice and teaching practicum. Upon completion of each level, a certificate is awarded. All levels will receive constructive evaluations of Practice Teaching.

Who is suitable for Yoga Teacher Training?

This training is suitable for beginners and advanced Yoga practitioners.

Yoga Teacher Training is designed to teach the fundamentals of Yoga and practical application of Yoga tools. Even if you have never practiced Yoga before or you are not sure if you are fit to be a Yoga teacher, but have a big desire to learn, contact us for consultation. We can help you to understand if this training suits your current needs and expectations. We love beginners!

There is no beginning or end to Yoga studies! Advanced Yoga practitioners will receive great benefits from this training, because it is held in lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and it is teaching a therapeutic approach of Yoga. You will not only learn and experience a bigger variety of classical Yoga tools and their application, but also you will be guided through a deeper self-transformation process. You can take the full training or just choose one of the training modules. Training hours can be counted as Continuing Education hours or a bridge program for Yoga Therapy Training.

What’s next?

After completing three levels of 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and teaching Yoga classes for at least one year, you can apply for 800 hour Yoga Therapy Training, become a Yoga Therapist and help people to heal!

If your interest is to dive deeper into Yoga Philosophy studies, Chanting, Meditation or the self-transformation process, you can engage in 300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training!

We are unique different with our desires, wishes, needs and expectations but if we listen to our heart it will show your own way to reach goals of Yoga: Anandam- non-sensual joy and Jnanam- knowledge and wisdom!

Training contains 2 parts: theory studies and personal practices.

Usually our theory studies are held at Florida Yoga Academy studio. We request you do not miss those classes.

For personal practices we are offering free access to all group yoga classes at Florida Yoga Academy studio during training! We encouraging you to take as many group Yoga classes as you can, however we understand that we all have families and responsibilities.

For therapeutic healing or advanced personal practice, schedule a private Yoga Therapy session with Yoga Therapist and program director Inga Balciuniene. Take advantage and save 50% off private class! This offer is valid only during training.

Support after training

Upon completion of training we provide support to our students. You can practice teaching group Yoga classes at Florida Yoga Academy studio.

If you don’t feel enough confidence to teach group yoga classes, we are offering a supporting mentorship program. Which is 10 hands-on training session learning how to teach group yoga classes under the supervision of Inga or one of our senior Yoga teachers.

Course includes:

  • Lecture and Study materials
  • Practice Sessions
  • Evaluation of homework assignments
  • Free group yoga classes at Florida
  • Yoga Academy studio during the training period
  • 50% off private Yoga Therapy session with Inga

Required Texts:

  • The Heart of Yoga ($25) – T.K.V. Desikachar
  • Mantramala Volume 1 ($25) – Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram Publication
  • The Heart of Asana ($95) – Dr. Kausthub Desikachar
    We sell required texts at the studio.
  • An Illustrated Guide to Asanas and Pranayama ($40)- M.J.N. Smith