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Our mission is to help people heal themselves through yoga.

Our mission is to help people heal themselves through yoga. Our highly qualified, experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist Inga Balciuniene will guide you through classes. Group and private Yoga, as well as Meditation and Breathing classes for all skill levels, are available.

Our yoga instructor Inga provides authentic Krishnamacharya tradition Teacher Training programs and numerous specialty training and workshops of deeper yoga study for yoga teachers and persons new to yoga. We also offer Kids Yoga classes at local schools.

We offer you the possibility of transformation and inspiration for your daily life!

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Inga Balciuniene

Classes & Training Offered at Florida Yoga Academy

Our experienced and caring teachers will guide you through classes.

Therapeutic Yoga Class in Authentic T.K. Tradition at the studio

A holistic and integrative approach to provide a complementary process of Health Care

Don’t miss this unique opportunity learn Yoga from the best Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists at Florida Yoga Academy!

Yoga in the classroom as a way to teach children how to relax, focus and re-energize throughout the day.