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Therapeutic Yoga
A Holistic approach to restoring our health. 
We offer Yoga classes at the studio and on Zoom !                                                  Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training! 

Welcome to Florida Yoga Academy

Our mission is to help people heal themselves through yoga.
Our experienced and caring teachers will guide you through classes.

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Therapeutic Yoga Class in Authentic T.K. Tradition at the studio

A holistic and integrative approach to provide a complementary process of Health Care

Don’t miss this unique opportunity learn Yoga from the best Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists at Florida Yoga Academy!

Yoga in the classroom as a way to teach children how to relax, focus and re-energize throughout the day.

Annual unlimited yoga classes - only $79.99 a month!

Schedule of Yoga Classes

Studio Yoga classes are held at The Center for Spiritual Living Address: 406 SE 24th Ave, Cape Coral, Fl 33990


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Yoga class at the studio and online – teacher Inga



9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Yoga Class at the studio and online- teacher Inga



9:30 AM - 10:30 AM


Yoga Class at the studio and online- teacher Inga

Yoga Teacher Training

& Yoga Therapy Training

Become a 200hr, or 300hr Certified Yoga Instructor or 800hr Yoga Therapist through a combination of practical application and Yoga Study. The Intensive Programs are structured in tiers that may begin as ‘stand-alone’ certifications or foundations to be built upon as interest and need developing.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

This is a intensive course, covering the Fundamentals of Yoga Teaching. Topics include basic Yoga philosophy, physical and subtle anatomy, postures, teaching methods, breathwork, meditation and Ayurveda.

300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

This is a intensive course, covering the Fundamentals of Yoga Teaching at a deeper level. Topics include Yoga philosophy, physical and subtle anatomy, teaching methods, postures, breathwork, meditation and Ayurveda.

800 hour Yoga Therapy Training

800 hr Yoga Therapy Program offers training in applying the holistic principles of Yoga as a beneficial and complimentary system of healing. This training is created for those who would like to become a Yoga therapist and help others to heal.


To sign up for any workshop, come in, call, or visit our online store.

Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Is a system of learning with on-the-job training for yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and health care professionals who wish to bring fun, creativity, relaxation, social and emotional learning and collaboration into their classroom!

Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation Teacher Certification is weekend intensive program containing introduction of Meditation in authentic yogic tradition. You will learn how to start or deepen your personal practice of mindfulness and how to teach meditation to others.

All Problems
Are Illusions
of the Mind

- Eckhart Tolle

Inga Balciuniene


Healer, Yoga Instructor RYT, Registered Yoga Therapist with IAYT, founder/ owner of Florida Yoga Academy.


About Florida Yoga Academy!

Our mission is to help people heal themselves through yoga. Our highly qualified, experienced and caring teachers will guide you through classes. Group and private Yoga, as well as Meditation and Breathing classes for all skill levels, are available. Our yoga instructor team provides authentic Krishnamacharya tradition Teacher Training programs and numerous specialty training and workshops of deeper yoga study for yoga teachers and persons new to yoga. We also offer Kids Yoga classes.

What People Are Saying

“Love the studio, Inga, and all of the teachers! Finding inspiration here. Incredible journey including both levels of Teacher training for this new yogi. Just a beautiful place for beautiful souls!”
Diana Stischok Ryan
“I am enjoying the gentle yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11-12pm. I feel well taken care of as the instructors have modified the positions to suit my physical needs. I love the space and peace I feel there!”
Paige Vinson
“I practiced yoga at Florida Yoga Academy for four months. I was pretty much a yoga novice. My experience was amazing. The teachers are excellent, personalize your practice and have a sense of humor!”
Sue StLouis
Dear Inga, “How can I ever thank you for the life changing knowledge you have shared with me? I have learned so much and I will do my best to take the knowledge you have worked so hard to share back to Ohio. I know it will change and benefit many lives.I hope that some day soon you will be able to visit Ohio and see the wonderful effect you have had on the classes. Namaste”
Vicky Burns
” Why I come to Inga’s studio: your knowledge, experience, personality, enthusiasm. Variety of classes, workshops, teacher training. Sense of community, feeling of belonging. Comfortable being myself here, not intimidated. Opportunities to learn and try new things. Peaceful environment. I feel better after class here physicaly and mentaly.”
Jean Marshal
“Dear Inga Teacher, I remember the first yoga class that I joined with you. After the class, in the car, I cried so hard because I felt that my broken heart was open and reconnected to Yoga. Thank you deeply for what you tought to me. Thanks to you I see my limits, my ego, my weakness, and my greatness. I feel so greatful to have you as my Yoga teacher.
Hwasoon Kim

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