Yoga Is My Life, My Passion, My Happiness

10 years ago I was a gym client, working out with the fitness machines and bored while doing so. You know how it is: you start with enthusiasm, after a month you go because you are paying the monthly fee, later on, you go to the gym less and less. You make hundreds of excuses not to go to the gym because it is boring, you don’t see changes in your body and you are not losing weight. Sometimes you feel jealous of perfectly shaped men and women hanging around you. The gym works for some people, but not for everyone. Then I started trying all the different types of classes: body sculpture (I didn’t like lifting weights), cycling (my knees were hurting), pilates was too hard for me and finally, I found a yoga class. My eyes opened wide, the class was gentle, easy and flowing. I didn’t notice how one hour went by and was gone. After class I felt like after a vacation: happy, relaxed and energized. After the first yoga class, I understood, that yoga could be my passion.

Step by step practicing yoga changed my life. I got more flexible, and I feel like I became ten years younger, never did I feel so good. My immune system got better, my metabolism got faster (I checked that with the metabolism machine), I become aware of my body and changed my diet. I lost weight! Now I’m in control of my life. Everything changed in my life: instead of going shopping a few times a week I was reading more, meditating, and just being outside at the parks and beaches. I’m not stressed anymore. I started saving money too! I didn’t plan all thoughts and changes just happened. I feel happy every day of my life.

My friends noticed the difference, and they said: “Inga, if we have problems you always say just to do yoga” I believe it is true, because after gentle stretching, breathing, meditating – everyone feels better. But how can yoga help with your financial problems or relationship problems? Easy when you are relaxed, feel good and are comfortable in your body you start looking at your problems from a different side and all of sudden they just don’t look that big and finding a solution is much easier than before.

Yoga is all life study. I find myself learning every day, by observing my students and helping them understand their bodies. Everybody can practice yoga! There is not age, body type or flexibility limits. You have to adjust poses (Asana) to fit your body, and then just breathe, relax, and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Now I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I got certified to teach yoga, and opened my own yoga studio! My first place was tiny; I could only fit four people in there. I was surprised that people liked my classes; soon they were coming back with their friends and family. Then I realized that the space was too small and rented a bigger place. Now I have my dream yoga studio with candles on the wall, a massage room and beautiful people who work with me.

Yoga is not an exercise – it is a lifestyle!

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